The next frontier of precision medicine

Our Story

Company co-founder Dr. Jack Gilbert is a global leader in microbiome research at the University of California San Diego. After publishing hundreds of papers and participating in dozens of clinical trials, a problem became clear - the dynamic, complex nature of the microbiome made it hard to study in humans. More data was needed, but current tools were inadequate.



After looking high and low for solutions, it became clear none were to be found, and in true entrepreneur fashion he decided to roll up his sleeves and build something himself. Shortly after, he connected with the rest of the team and launched BiomeSense.

Our Team

Dr. Jack Gilbert

Founder, Principal Investigator

Erika Delisle

Director of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Savas Tay


Kevin Honaker

Co-Founder & CEO

Navid Ghorashian

Lead Microfluidic Engineer

Dylan Nichols

Vice President of Engineering

Thao Dang