BiomeSense welcomes scientific advisors: Dr Rob Knight & Dr.Charles Chiu to the team.

Two highly regarded and widely known researchers have joined our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

Rob Knight, PhD, is a recognized global leader in microbiome research and a dynamic force behind a number of significant research initiatives. His lab has produced many of the software tools and laboratory techniques that enabled high-throughput microbiome science, including the QIIME pipeline, an open-source bioinformatic and data analysis program that has been used by thousands of microbiome studies. Rob, along with BiomeSense co-founder Jack Gilbert, also helped co-found the American Gut Project, one of the world’s largest crowdfunded and crowdsourced scientific research projects exploring links between the human gut and diet, health, lifestyle, exercise, and more.

Beyond these projects, Rob has authored or co-authored numerous articles, given a TED Talk seen by almost 2 million people, and published multiple books to translate the science of the microbiome to a wide audience. Last fall, he received the NIH’s prestigious Pioneer Award to support his research into developing new approaches to enhance healthy microbiomes.

Charles Chiu, MD, PhD, is a pioneer in using metagenomic analysis for diagnostic and clinical research. An infectious diseases physician and microbiologist, he leads a translational research laboratory that has successfully identified and characterized emerging viral pathogens. Charles and his lab have also led the way in discovering new approaches to applying bioinformatics and genomic technologies for clinical and public health applications.

Recently, Charles has been interviewed by several media outlets regarding the coronavirus, including a recent article for Time magazine. Charles currently leads the Precision Diagnosis of Acute Infectious Diseases study. Its goal is to make metagenomic next-generation sequencing for pathogen detection clinically available for the first time.

We are thrilled to have Rob and Charles join our SAB. Their expertise and guidance will enhance our technology and accelerate its impact.

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