Welcome to BiomeSense's June Newsletter

Hello again from San Francisco, and welcome to the June edition of the BiomeSense newsletter!

We have a number of exciting updates to share - minimum viable prototype (MVP) completed, first human data, new hires, and funding open - so let's dive right into it. If you want more information on what we're up to or how you can get involved, contact our CEO, Kevin, at  khonaker@biomesenseinc.com or check out our social media pages noted below.

Biosensor MVP built and generating first human data!

Biggest news first - a few weeks ago, we completed our biosensor MVP (seen above) containing the automated sample collection and microfluidic sample preparation units. Once fully integrated, this will automatically sample the patient microbiome and isolate the microbial DNA on site, in minutes, for <$0.10 per run.

We validated this by having multiple processed samples successfully sequenced by a third-party lab, proving that we've solved the hardest technical barrier, automated DNA isolation, using our custom microfluidic system.

With this major technical milestone achieved, our next steps are clear - optimizing the MVP to make it ready for user testing, and simultaneously, integrating our low-cost screening assay. Our goal is to have this installed in patient homes by year's end!

Welcome to BiomeSense, Navid

We are thrilled to announce that Navid Ghorashian is joining our team as a microfluidics engineer. He has played an integral role as an advisor while completing his Post-Doc at University of Chicago. We're excited to have him join the team full-time as we take our microfluidic system to the next level.We're not done adding to the team yet - check out upcoming newsletters for more updates.

Our Seed round is now open (33% filled)

With the MVP complete, customers secured, and the team expanding, it's time to raise our seed round so we can start executing on development. We've filled 33% of it already and are looking for interested partners to work with us on closing the rest.

Please reach out to khonaker@biomesenseinc.com for more details.

Come see us online or in person at IndieBio Demo Day June 25th!

It's hard to believe, but our time at the IndieBio program is coming to a close later this month. We've had an incredible experience and made an enormous amount of progress in the past few months, and now it's time to finish strong with Demo Day on June 25th! This event is a chance for all teams participating in IndieBio to demo their companies for investors and supporters.

It's sure to be a great experience and a chance to learn about all the exciting things the various teams are doing. We can't wait to show you everything we've done.

Event Details Date/Time: Tuesday, June 25 from 2pm - 7pm PT Address: Herbst Theatre 401 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA 94102

Please register for the program or find details to livestream the event at the following link:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/indiebio-demo-day-june-25-2019-at-herbst-theater-tickets-59849901667

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