Revolutionizing Microbiome Discovery

Understanding the microbiome is hard.
We're making it easier.

At BiomeSense, we’re developing the first integrated hardware, software, and data platform to massively scale microbiome data collection and analysis during clinical research - producing up to 30x more data than current tools, at the same or lower cost. 

This surge of data dramatically increases the ability to understand how the gut microbiome influences and is influenced by health and clinical interventions, leading to an explosion in microbiome clinical discovery.

Gut Powered Potential

The human microbiome is the next frontier of precision medicine. Just like our genes, our microbiome is unique and can impact our health in many ways, from our disease risk to our mood, to how the drugs we take effect us. Most importantly, unlike our genes, it's dynamic - so can be harnessed for better health.


There's just one problem - that same dynamism means vast amounts of data are needed to fully understand it, and even more to harness it. But the cost of acquiring that data is so high, scientists can only observe a tiny fraction of it. New tools are desperately needed.

Microscope in Laboratory

Enabling Continuous Microbiome Testing

We've developed a novel biosensor to provide continuous tracking of the human gut microbiome, for a fraction of the cost of current tools.

This turns dense, time-longitudinal microbiome data from an unaffordable luxury into the standard, dramatically increasing the data collected during clinical research with no increase in cost.

End-to-End Microbiome Data Solution

Of course, all that data makes analysis a lot harder, so we add a custom time-series analytics platform and reference database to turn the flood of data into actionable insights.

The hardware to provide vastly more data, the software to understand it, and the database to translate knowledge across trials. That's our solution, and we can't wait to see what we help discover.